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If you’re missing one or multiple teeth, a dental bridge can fill the gap and restore your smile to its healthy, near-original condition. Expert cosmetic dentist, Trent W. Smallwood, DDS, at the Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts in the North East Corner of Warner and Kyrene, in Tempe, Arizona, regularly uses dental bridges to boost his patients’ confidence and self-esteem. To see if you’re a candidate, call or use the online booking tool to request your consultation today.

Bridges Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a cosmetic appliance used to bridge the gap between one or multiple missing teeth. Generally, a dental bridge contains a pontic — or false tooth — and attaches to two abutment teeth on either side. 

Most dental bridges are made using porcelain. Porcelain mimics the color of your natural teeth and also reflects light in a similar manner.

Are there different types of dental bridges?

There are four different types of dental bridges:

Traditional dental bridge

A traditional bridge contains a false tooth (or teeth) and is held in place with two dental crowns attached to the surrounding abutment teeth. Traditional bridges are the most common type of dental bridge and are ideal if you have healthy, permanent teeth on either side of a missing tooth or teeth.

Maryland dental bridge

A Maryland dental bridge is similar to a traditional dental bridge. However, Dr. Smallwood bonds a Maryland dental bridge to your abutment teeth using a wire framework instead of dental crowns. 

Cantilever dental bridge

A cantilever bridge only needs one healthy permanent tooth to restore your smile. To attach a cantilever bridge, Dr. Smallwood cements a dental crown to one abutment tooth.

Implant-supported dental bridge

An implant-supported dental bridge is just that: a dental bridge supported by dental implants as opposed to crowns or a metal framework. Implant-supported dental bridges are incredibly strong, but they also require two separate installation procedures.

Do I qualify for a dental bridge?

The only way to determine whether you’re a good candidate for a dental bridge is to schedule a consultation with the team at the Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts.

However, if you’re missing one or multiple teeth, you may be able to benefit from a dental bridge. When you’re missing teeth, you’re at a higher risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and bone deterioration. A dental bridge can restore your smile, prevent further damage, and boost your confidence and self-esteem.

How many appointments does applying a dental bridge take?

Getting a dental bridge requires two separate appointments. 

At your first appointment, Dr. Smallwood performs a comprehensive oral exam and takes 3D scans and digital X-rays of your teeth. These images are sent to a laboratory that manufactures your dental bridge. Dr. Smallwood then administers a local anesthetic and prepares your teeth to receive the bridge.

At your second appointment, Dr. Smallwood places your dental bridge and permanently bonds it to your teeth. He then provides you with a list of recovery instructions and schedules a follow-up appointment for two to three weeks later.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a dental bridge can restore your smile, call or click the online booking tool and request your appointment today.

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