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New! Platinum Paradigm 2

Platinum Paradigm 2
Finally a book that incorporates all of the key aspects that surround Smile Design. There are many factors that influence a smile, and The Platinum Paradigm surrounds a set of guidelines, or criterion, that compose a methodology for Aesthetic Excellence.

As clinicians we must strive to emulate nature and create restorations that “deceive” the eye in believing that what you are seeing is naturally born. The Golden Proportion has served dentistry for years, but is limited in its scope and range, and far more parameters are needed to ensure the patient’s expectations are met and exceeded.

There are so many elements that affect a smile, both in soft tissue and hard tissue, and the synergistic effect they have on one another is essential for aesthetic harmony. If all the parameters of a smile are respected, then the expectations of the dentist and patient will usually be met, and the smile case a success.

This book will explore these parameters specifically and aid the dentist in their communication with the ceramist and patient alike. Those parameters include :
Three Facial Planes, Axial Inclination, Gingival Heights and Zenith, Interproximal Contacts and Incisal Embrasures, Tooth Shape, Facial Texture, Reflective and Deflective Zones, Line Angles and Lip Posture, Incisal Translucency and Buccal Corridor.

A new generation of aesthetic excellence is upon us, and the standard is evolving. The Platinum Paradigm is the next evolutionary step beyond the age-old Golden Proportion.

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The Platinum Paradigm

Book Description
The publication that Dr. Smallwood has created is an extraordinary collection of smiles that extend beyond the normal, contrived smiles that many cosmetic doctors are creating today. Teeth can be created to emulate nature. This publication will abet the dentist in enhancing the communication with the laboratory, as well as the patient, in creating the basic architecture of the smile for the patient.

The intent of this publication is to assist the aesthetic clinician and/or laboratory technician in determining the variations available to the patient, and the development of their smile. Each smile will offer a completely different expression, attitude, personality, and individuality. The multiple variations depicted in “Smile Designing” will assist the dentist, ceramist, and patient in selecting their unique smile. Small variations done with axial inclination, canting, properly placed wear patterns, enamel inconsistencies, manipulated flaring of teeth, and contours can add an entirely different dimension to the patient’s smile. In addition, a portion of this publication is devoted to the area of incisal customized characteristics, color associated with teeth, texture of the facial surface of teeth, and variations of incisal translucency. This will also serve the dentist and ceramist in their communication concerning subtle nuances of smile creation and fabrication.

Exercise all of the tools available in this volume to better communicate the aesthetic dentist’s intentions to the ceramist, and guide the patient along the path of the smile creation development.

The Platinum Paradigm : $149

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A Glimpse Into Platinum Paradigm….Click the following photos to view them larger.